At Build 2020 yesterday, Microsoft announced its Windows Terminal app is leaving its preview stage and moving into a full release version. In fact, it was launched immediately through the Microsoft Store and GitHub.

Windows Terminal 1.0 arrives a year after the application was first announced. The app is a new command prompt experience for Windows 10. Developers can leverage multiple tabs and customize the experience with themes. On that latter front, you’ll need to edit a JSON file to access the full suite of customization tools.

The app was launched in preview in June 2019 via the Microsoft Store.

Alongside Windows Terminal 1.0, Microsoft also announced a new Windows Package Manager

Alongside the release of Windows Terminal is a new Windows Package Manager. The tool makes it easier for developers to create work environment with Windows Terminal and other command line tools:

“The Windows Package Manager is a tool designed to help you quickly and easily discover and install those tools that make your PC environment special. By using the Windows Package Manager, from one command, you can install your favorite tool: winget install <tool>”

Windows Package Manager is available now on GitHub.

Busy Build 2020 Day 1

Microsoft kicked off Build 2020 yesterday, the first all-virtual edition of its developer conference. There were plenty of announcements on Day 1:

Project Reunion: integrates its current Win32 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) APIs. According to the company, this gives developers a unified standard platform for creating apps.

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) can now run Linux applications.

Azure Synapse Link: combines operational database services with analytics to overcome problems when working with HTAP workloads.