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Build 2020: Microsoft Debuts Project Reunion to Unify Windows Win32 and UWP Development

Microsoft kicked off Build 2020 with Project Reunion, a single development platform for creating Desktop and UWP applications.


kicked off its Build 2020 conference, which is being held totally online this year. One of the major new announcements on day one was Project Reunion, which aims to make developing apps for more efficient.

Microsoft says Project Reunion integrates its current Win32 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) APIs. According to the company, this gives developers a unified standard platform for creating apps.

Win32 apps are legacy applications, while UWP is Microsoft's modern app API. Under Project Reunion, the tool will also be available independently from Windows, allowing dev's to use tools like Budget.

Applications built on the services will function across any device running Windows 10. Microsoft says creating a standard development service is a vital step in the evolution of Windows 10 apps:

“This will provide a common platform for new apps. Plus, it will help developers update and modernize your existing apps with the latest functionality, whether they're C++, .NET (including WPF, Windows Forms, and UWP) or React Native.”


Microsoft says some APIs already work with Project Reunion, including WebView 2, MSIX, and WinUI 3. All those APIs can be accessed by developers starting today.

Looking specifically at WinUI 3, Microsoft says Preview 1 of the API is an important tool for Reunion. It underpins Windows 10 as the modern UI framework of the platform. It is available to all Windows developers working with Win32 and UWP apps starting today.

“Using WinUI you will be able to create new apps with modern UI that adapts and scales across devices, or incrementally modernize the UI of existing desktop apps including C++, WPF and WinForms.”

You can find out more about Project Reunion at Microsoft's GitHub page here.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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