Microsoft has already started to optimize its Android apps for dual screen devices. LG devices with a multi-screen case can swipe Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents to a second screen via the new Office app. They can then open a second application for multitasking capabilities.

The functionality was spotted by user William Richardson, who provided videos to XDA. Assumedly, this is one of many preparations the company is making for the release of its Surface Duo foldable. Much like LG’s G8X, the device will have two separate displays, though they’ll be joined by a complex hinge mechanism rather than a standalone accessory.

Functionality such as this is designed to make it easier to be productive and minimize the time spent switching apps. With the limited screen real estate of mobile phones, being able to quickly reference information like this could be a godsend.

Unfortunately, LG devices don’t appear to support the ‘spanning’ functionality we’ve seen in demos and emulators. That could because the Office app is yet to support it, or that Microsoft thinks it’s a poor fit G8X’s large case bezel.

Either way, it’s encouraging to see some progress from Microsoft ahead of the Duo’s October launch, as well as some support for other devices. A big part of convincing developers that dual screen is a worthy commitment is showing that it’s not just for one phone.

If you’re one of the lucky few who own an LG G8X and its screen attachment, you can download the Office app here. It’ll be interesting to see if other apps like Microsoft Launcher and Edge will support dual screens on the device soon.