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Microsoft Working on File Explorer Overhaul for Windows 10X and Windows 10

Microsoft has placed a job listing for a position working on Windows 10X and Windows 10 File Explorer development.


Back in 2018, made some major changes to its including a Dark Mode toggle and improved usability. However, Redmond is looking to continue the evolution of the File Explorer in future Win10 builds.

According to a report from Windows Latest, the company has placed a job listing seeking a software engineer. The role will involve working on a team that “[leads] the way on creating and improving File Explorer user experiences.”

This team is working on Windows 10 and , according to the listing. “Join our team of unique individuals as we merge our rich history of familiar experiences with modern innovations to create the worlds' best PC!”

Further on in the listing, Microsoft lists responsibilities the chosen employee will fulfil. Among them is “designing, implementing, testing, and monitoring top-level UI surfaces on Windows 10 and Windows 10X”.

You can see the job listing on Microsoft's career webpage.

Windows 10X

We already know Windows 10X will approach the File Explorer in a unique way. Specifically, the upcoming Win10 fork will have two separate file management tools to reflect its nature as a platform.

The platform allows users to run UWP applications from the Microsoft Store and Win32 programs. As we know, the latter will run in containers to make up for the lack of legacy components in Win10X.

Users on Windows 10X will see a file manager when running UWP apps and another when running Win32 programs.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft continues to morph the File Explorer experience and how Windows 10X will influence the wider Windows 10 ecosystem in the future.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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