Windows 10X Has Two File Explorers

Windows 10X will have two file managers, one for Microsoft Store UWP apps and one for legacy Win32 Programs.

Current Windows 10 File Explorer

Now that developers have their hands on the Windows 10X emulator, we are learning more about the upcoming version. For example, the operating system will have not one, but two separate file managers.

10X is built from the ground up and sits on a modern core that removes many of the legacy underpinnings of 10. The idea behind the platform is for its to be more efficient and lightweight. It is for dual-screen hardware and will debut alongside the Surface Neo at the end of 2020.

The unique nature of is why it will need two file managers. That's because the platform allows users to run UWP applications from the and programs. As we know, the latter will run in containers to make up for the lack of legacy components in Win10X.

Users on will see a file manager when running UWP apps and another when running programs.

It seems when you're running a UWP app on the platform you will see a modern . This manager comes with contemporary flourishes like touch support and light/dark themes. Win32 apps will run in a container and the file manager will look more like the classic . Yes, the same one you already use in Windows 10.

Win32 Lottery

Earlier today we reported on Microsoft's plans for Win32 apps on Windows 10X. The company confirmed the platform will run legacy apps, but there are some caveats. insists most Win32 programs will work without developers having to do anything. For apps that don't function, the company says it will work with dev's to ensure they do.

also confirmed there are some apps that will be complete disallowed. Because Win10X is more locked down than any other Windows version, apps that want to system files won't work.