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Microsoft Fixes OneDrive, GSODs and VMs in Latest 19569 Insider Build

Windows 10 Insider build 19569 fixes several nasty bugs, including the inability to use third-party VMs and some system crashes.


is hard at work prepping the next versions of Windows via its community of dedicated Insider testers. The standout addition in Windows 19569 is its new icons, which we covered yesterday, but it also makes several important fixes and improvements.

These additions may not be the most exciting in the world, but they do help stability, especially for those using the builds as their daily driver (which isn't recommended), or developing.

A particular annoyance of the last build was the amount of CPU resources OneDrive has been using. This occurred after a Windows upgrade error and can have particular slowdowns in a VM, where the machine often has limited resources already. Thankfully, Microsoft has now fixed this bug.

Speaking of VMs, those running into issues with third-party ones on the previous build should be happy. The source of the problem was an update failure after SCSI driver's malfunctioned. Unfortunately, though that issue has been fixed, Microsoft still has some work to do fixing additional driver incompatibility errors.

Other fixes include a start menu issue that affected its reliability, as well as GSoDs, which were displaying with the ‘Systemthread exception not handled' error. Though it's not fixed yet, Microsoft is also investigating issues that are preventing Insiders from updating to newer builds.

If you missed the news about the icon yesterday, many of Microsoft's apps on 19569 now have the new versions. They adhere to new Fluent design standards, looking slightly out of place on regular Windows 10 but great on Windows 10X. You can grab the build via the usual channels, which are Windows Update and the official ISO.

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