This week has been a busy one for Windows 10X. During its Microsoft 365 Developer Day, Microsoft launched its Windows 10X emulator for developers to start working with the platform ahead of it arriving with the Surface Neo. Microsoft has also revealed the OS will have a new Windows Update experience.

10X is built from the ground up and sits on a modern core that removes many of the legacy underpinnings of Windows 10. The idea behind the platform is for its to be more efficient and lightweight.

For the new Windows Update experience, Microsoft says it will initially be exclusive to the new platform. The company says updates will come to the OS in an offline state and will be saved offline. Microsoft will then move the modified files before the system reboots.

With this new method, Microsoft says Windows 10X will update in “less than 90 seconds”.

Recent 10X News

Microsoft has already said legacy programs will only work through a container on Windows 10X. This means the legacy components those programs rely on will run virtually. However, some Win32 programs won’t work on the platform.

Furthermore, Microsoft also confirmed the platform will have two File Explorers. That’s because the platform allows users to run UWP applications from the Microsoft Store and Win32 programs. As we know, the latter will run in containers to make up for the lack of legacy components in Win10X.

Users on Windows 10X will see a file manager when running UWP apps and another when running Win32 programs.