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Microsoft Search Gains Internal Acronym Searches for Organizations

Organizations can now tap into Microsoft Search with a feature called Acronyms that helps them find acronyms used internally.


has announced a new tool for its tool. The company says it has now introduced Acronyms as a search function on the service. With this search tool users can look up acronyms that specific to their organization.

With Acronyms, Microsoft Search uses intelligent models to pick words and definitions from internal organizational websites. Microsoft points out around 2.3% of all internal searchers within a company are for acronyms.

If you're unfamiliar with Microsoft Search, it leverages the power of Microsoft Graph, the new search experience will work across all core apps, including Bing, Office, Windows 10, and Microsoft Edge, Yammer, and SharePoint.

Organizations with acronyms across Microsoft services like Yammer, Teams, and SharePoint can use the new search tool to find information.

“Search is smart enough to pick out definitions for your search terms appearing on the company's internal sites, in documents, Teams and SharePoint sites, Yammer channels, and so on. Search ensures that the privacy and security of the mined data is maintained. You only see Acronyms mined from data that you have access to.”

If a search is required for acronyms that are not pre-defined, Search taps into Bing to surface results. This integration will also wok for searches within documents.

As you would expect, Acronyms are limited to employee of a specific organization as they surface internal results. This means no-one on the outside or without a Search-enabled account will be able to conduct searches.

If you're an admin and what to use Acronyms, head to the Microsoft Search admin center and sign in with your account.

Search for Bing Default

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced Search for Bing is now default on ProPlus, replacing Chrome.

With the new addition, Office 365 ProPlus users on Chrome will now be defaulted to Microsoft Search in Bing. This will be implemented through an extension. Microsoft says if users already have Bing as a default, the extension will not be sent.

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