SwiftKey On iOS Gains New Messaging Center

SwiftKey Version 2.7.1 is not available on iPhone and iPad with a Messaging center that provides insights into the app.

has sent out an for its virtual keyboard on Apple's iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). With this new release, users can now access a new feature called Messaging Center. It's worth pointing out the new moves to Version 2.7.1 on the platform.

Looking at Messaging center in more details, it is a new part of the SwiftKey experience that can be access by selecting the i icon. That's also a new addition that can be found above the keyboard layout.

Once the center is open, users can search through notifications and other info from SwiftKey settings.

Here's how describes the tool in the official release notes for Version 2.7.1.

“We've just added Messaging center to SwiftKey Toolbar. Messaging center is a place to learn more about SwiftKey's newest features, along with tips to help you get the most out of your SwiftKey Keyboard.”

You can download SwiftKey for iOS from the App Store here.

Windows Scare

Recently, some SwiftKey users on got a scare when reports suggested Microsoft might remove the keyboard form its platform.

According to a report from WinFuture, SwiftKey is absent from the latest builds of 10 20H1. That's interestingly because as we reported last week, Microsoft seems to have finalized version 2004 ahead of its launch.

As we reported, this seemed to be a false alarm. Microsoft did not remove the whole keyboard. Instead, the option to “Choose which language use SwiftKey suggestions and autocorrections” was removed from Windows Settings.

In other words, the entries are no longer in the Settings page, but the keyboard is still available.