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CES 2020: Intel’s Tiger Lake CPUs Deliver Performance Gains on 10th Gen CPUs

In a quick answer to the challenge of AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series, Intel says the upcoming Tiger Lake mobile CPUs will deliver market-leading performance.


At CES 2020 this week, AMD announced its new Ryzen 4000 series processors. The new silicon will compete directly with 's high-end CPUs. However, Intel is also at CES 2020 and has previewed its upcoming range of “Tiger Lake” mobile PC processors.

During the event, the company previewed the chips and said Tiger Lake will surpass its current “Ice Lake” 10th Gen Core processors. In other words, Intel is promising increased performance over its current top-of-the-line chips.

Built on the company's 10nm+ process, Tiger Lake will provide significant performance gains, according to Intel.

Furthermore, the company says the CPUs in the series will have discrete-level integrated graphics. Those graphics will be built on Intel's soon to launch Xe architecture. In an accompanying press release, Intel discussed what customers can expect:

“Tiger Lake will deliver double-digit performance gains, massive AI performance improvements, a huge leap in graphics performance and 4x the throughput of USB 3 with the new integrated Thunderbolt 4.”

Intel says the first laptops featuring its Tiger Lake CPUs will launch during 2020.

AMD Competition

It is worth pointing out that while AMD says the Ryzen 4000 series will compete with Intel's top line processors, the company did not mention Tiger Lake. Current Intel flagships are from the Ice Lake family. It will be interesting to see how the Ryzen 4000 and Tiger Lake CPUs match up.

Both generations will be arriving during this year, so we won't have to wait too long for those comparisons. AMD will be first to market. It's top line Ryzen 4000 is available in Lenovo's Yoga Slim 7, and AMD is promising dozens of OEM laptops with it in Q1.

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