Once upon a time, Skype allowed users to create their own username on the platform. However, the ability was removed in favor of names that are assigned by the app. According to a post on the Skype forum, usernames maybe coming back to the Microsoft-owned communication service.

Skype Community Manager, Petr, says usernames are being developed for a reintroduction. However, he does not detail when they will return.

Petr responded to feedback from way back in December 2018. Petr states that there are “many blockers for [the Skype team], both technical and legal but it is in progress.”

What those blockers are is uncertain, but they seem to be holding Microsoft back. Either way, it is arguable that Skype does not need to have usernames. After-all, the services is used more by business users may not want to have a moniker.

That said, we have seen Microsoft attempt to steer Skype more towards personal users. The company has attempted to shift the app towards being a WhatsApp competitor. It is worth remembering, Microsoft Teams is now the company’s preferred business communication tool.

Business Change

Microsoft has now put a date on when it will shutter Skype for Business Online permanently. The company says the platform will no longer be accessible after July 31, 2021. Current users of the platform can continue to use it as normal until then, including the ability to add new users.

“Over the last two years, we’ve worked closely with customers to refine Teams, and we now feel we’re at the point that we can confidently recommend it as an upgrade to all Skype for Business Online customers. Customers who have already made the move tell us that Teams not only has helped them improve collaboration generally, it has also provided a rare opportunity to rethink the way work gets done in their organizations.”

Shuttering Skype for Business puts the regular Skype app in an awkward place. Will it be marketed to business users or will Microsoft increasingly push towards consumers?