Microsoft is making the Windows 10 November 2019 Update available to more users. Users can now grab the latest version of Windows via the Update Assistant tool, which works with any version of the OS.

It launches alongside support for the Media Creation Tool, which is used to burn a disk image of the build to a USB for fresh installations. Interestingly, Microsoft is offering the update via these channels despite ongoing issues with Realtek Bluetooth Radios.

Devices on a Realtek Bluetooth driver version lower than 1.5.1012 will have to update those drivers before they can install Windows 1909. Assumedly, Realtek’s rollout of a fix is part of what prompted a wider 1909 release.

What’s New in Windows 10 1909?

Thankfully, those who don’t jump straight onto 1909 won’t be particularly disappointed. By all indications, this is a very minor update. It’s essentially just 1903 with an enablement package on top, and rolls out and installs more like a cumulative update than a feature one.

You can expect digital assistants other than Cortana to work when your device is locked. Given the recent scaling down of Microsoft’s assistant on Android and iOS, that’s probably a good thing. The Start Menu also has some minor changes, with the navigation pane automatically expanding when hovered.

In the Action Center, you’ll find a link to notification preferences from individual apps rather than having to manually check Settings. File Explorer has also been given a slight makeover to mark its transition to Windows Search. Microsoft says this should better integrate results from other sources, such as OneDrive. The search box also suggests files to search as you type.

None of these are game-changing features, but it’s worth noting that Microsoft has also been doing work on the underlying stability of the OS. Most would prefer a smaller update like this to Microsoft’s previous track record of large, system breaking updates.

You can grab the Update Assistant Tool from the Microsoft site to move to the latest version of Windows.