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Microsoft’s Your Phone App Hits the Top Spot on Google’s Play Store

Microsoft's Your Phone Companion has hit the top spot on the Google Play Store, signally user's desire to bring Android and Windows closer together.


's has hit an impressive milestone. It's currently the top free app on 's Play Store, surpassing Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, TickTok, and more.

The achievement is particularly significant because it's the antithesis of the company's shift in strategy after the death of Windows 10 Mobile. It has instead been focusing on its offerings and closing the gap between the two platforms.

After years of hard work, Microsoft has improved the functionality of Your Phone significantly. Users can now use their PC to sync photos, reply to notifications and text messages, take phone calls, and mirror their screen.

With the Android-based Surface Duo coming next year, its validation to the company that though its multi-OS strategy isn't perfect, users still desire the functionality.

“#1 App on Google Play!!! Woohooo!! Thank you all. I never thought we would see Link to “Windows” top on Android,” said Microsoft PM of mobile Vishnu Nath on Twitter.

The numbers for Microsoft's other Android apps are also nothing to scoff at. Microsoft Launcher and Edge both have over 10 million downloads. Skype and Office are used by more than a billion on Android, Outlook and Swiftkey 100 million+.

Your Phone appears to have hit the top spot late last week and is holding strong at the time of writing. Part of the popularity is due to the press of a update that baked Link to Windows functionality into One UI.

Just over a year ago, Your Phone hit the top trending spot on the Play Store. At the time, we noted that the app was impressive, but was missing the long-promised notification support. With its functionality now fully-fledged, Windows users appear ready to jump on board.

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