Over the last couple of months, we have been charting Microsoft’s Your Phone service. From beta on Android to testing and preview on Windows 10, the phone mirroring app has come a long way. However, through previews the app has been limited in functionality. That is slowly changing has Microsoft has added more features today.

Specifically, the company has added SMS support to Your Phone. This essentially means users can now mirror their SMS messages from their smartphone to Windows 10 PC.

The updated functionality is part of version 1.0.12432.0 of Your Phone, which is currently available to Windows Insiders. This includes the members using the app on the Release Preview Ring. Like other features of the service, you will need to have the Microsoft Apps Your Phone app installed on an Android smartphone.

Your Phone is among the most interesting Windows 10 apps currently in development. As mentioned, the service lets users mirror their device to a Windows 10 PC. Features have been limited to dragging and dropping photos in Office and Windows apps.

SMS integration shows the potential of Your Phone. Microsoft has said eventually the app will be able to mirror most smartphone activity to a PC, including notifications.

The company is also banking on developers becoming interested and opening their Android apps to the service.

Wider Support

As we have discussed before, Your Phone is a rare Android exclusive from Microsoft. Microsoft explains the reason Your Phone is not coming to iOS is because of the closed ecosystem Apple employs.

Indeed, the company says if the app is ever made available on the platform it would be in a limited capacity.