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Microsoft Announces Open Application Model for Cloud and Edge Development

Microsoft and Alibaba have unveiled the Open Application Model (OAM) as an Open Web Foundation Project for cloud developers.


wants to make it easier for developers to build apps and services on the cloud. We have already seen how the new Dapr solution will expediate microservice architectures app development. Redmond also announced this week the Open Application Model (OAM) in partnership with Cloud.

Together, the cloud giants developed OAM as an Open Web Foundation project. Developers will be able to access the specification for building native cloud apps on .

According to Microsoft watcher WalkingCat, there is already a GitHub repo opened for the Open Application Model. Furthermore, there is also an implementation of OAM called Rudr which is in place to give developers the ability to manage and deploy apps on any Kubernetes cluster.

Microsoft later fully launched OAM in an official blog post:

“OAM is a specification for describing applications so that the application description is separated from the details of how the application is deployed onto and managed by the infrastructure.”

According to Microsoft, OAM differs from other platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings because it is not tied to any platform. The company says OAM is not linked to Kubernetes tightly despite Rudr being built on it. It is worth noting that Alibaba will offer OAM as a managed service and Microsoft will not.

Open Application Model is under the Open Web Foundation. Microsoft says it wants to bring its to a vendor-neutral foundation for open governance. To learn more about the service, head to the OAM specification. You can also learn about Rudr on GitHub.


In a similar vein to OAM, Microsoft also announced Dapr this week. The service is focused on standardizing microservice architecture development on the cloud.

The service provides dev's with tools to build portable microservice applications running on the cloud and edge computing. Microsoft says Dapr supports all languages and frameworks and will be accessible for new code apps or for mitigating legacy apps.

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