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Gears 5 Receives New Multiplayer Characters, Including from Terminator Dark Fate

Microsoft has announced the Gears 5 multiplayer experience has four new characters, alongside two new Terminator Dark Fate additions.


Just over a month ago, Studios launched Gears 5 on , the latest installment of the popular Gears of War franchise. In the era of added content, Gears 5 will be an evolving game with regular updates.

Indeed, Microsoft has announced Windows and Xbox One versions of the game has received new characters. Specially, four new hero and villain characters have been added to the multiplayer version of the Gears 5.

“We're evolving your Gears 5 multiplayer experience with four new characters: the COG Gear, the DeeBee, the Warden and General RAAM, the ruthless Locust military leader,” Microsoft's Dana Sissons announced.

“Every character added to Gears 5 will feature powerful multiplayer abilities to master. These new Heroes and Villains are available today and can be earned through gameplay or purchased in the in-game store.”

Terminator Tie-in

Furthermore, Microsoft says the game is also receiving two characters from upcoming movie Terminator Dark Fate. The first is Grace, who is voiced by actress Mackenzie Davis (who plays the character in the movie). The other new themed character is the Terminator model Rev-9.

This Terminator Dark Fate expansion follows Microsoft previously bringing the T-800 terminator (made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Sarah Conner, voiced by actress Linda Hamilton.

Microsoft says players can win the COG Gear, Warden, RAAM, and DeeBee characters through gameplay. They are also available for 500 Iron currency apiece. As for the movie themed characters, they are $20.

Back in August, Microsoft launched a special edition of the Xbox One X clad in a Gears 5 livery. The console is a limited-edition customer Xbox One X with the Omen Gears of War symbol frozen in ice and snow stamped on the front.

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