Skype for Business Mac Preview b microsoft official

Microsoft recently sent out an update for Skype for Mac that moved the app to version However, in a worrying trend that seems to be happening across Microsoft services, the update is causing problems.

Specifically, Skype for Mac users say the screen sharing feature on the app is now not working. On the on Microsoft Answers Community forum, users say they cannot share the app on another screen for other users.

Microsoft has yet to confirm this bug exists so we will have to wait for information on a fix. However, in the meantime there is workaround that will allow the screen sharing to work:

  • Head System Preferences>Security and Privacy
  • Scroll down until you see Screen Recording and select the Skype checkbox (Skype for Mac will automatically close and apply the changes)
  • Open the app and make and see if the problem is resolved

Until Microsoft confirms this problem, what is causing the problem is unclear. That said, many apps are not functioning properly on Apple’s new macOS Catalina. It’s possible this is a problem with Apple’s platform and not Skype itself.

As for Skype for Mac version in general, it added an ability to share a contact with someone else who is on your contact list.

New Features

Last month, Microsoft brought a call scheduling feature to Skype across desktop, web, and mobile versions. Users could previously only schedule a call if it was going to be one on one. That limitation has been lifted and users can select multiple participants in a group and schedule when the call will be made.

Microsoft says the call scheduling feature is also available on Windows, Linux, Mac, and the web.