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Microsoft Working on Type Cover Redesign for Surface Pro 7

A new patent shows the Surface Pro 7 could feature a Type Cover with a magnetic strip and thinner profile, allowing for easier handling of the device.


While we are not expecting a sequel to the 6 anytime soon, is obviously already developing what will eventually become the . Considering the hardware won't launch at least until 2020, it could feature some cool new tech.

A new suggests the company is working on a new feature for the Type Cover, which could make its way onto the Surface Pro 7.

In the patent, Microsoft describes a Type Cover that magnetically attaches to the Surface Pro 7 when it is folded back into tablet mode.

We are fans of Microsoft's existing Type Cover accessories. That said, having to hold it in place every time tablet mode is engaged is a major annoyance. Microsoft's patent seems to solve this problem as the cover will now remain in place.

Judging by recent patents, Microsoft will redesign the Type Cover entirely for the Pro 7. For example, the cover will become thinner than ever.

Such a redesign will coincide with a general overhaul of the Surface Pro range. We expect the Pro 7 to come with a new aesthetic design, including thinner bezels and a thinner overall profile. It is worth noting while the Pro line is sleek and good-looking, Microsoft has not changed the look since the Surface Pro 3.

Launch Schedule

Of course, Microsoft will also ensure the 2-in-1 scores some of the best hardware available. Early spec rumors for the device include Intel's 10nm Ice Lake CPUs and a USB Type-C port.

While many outlets are reporting the Surface Pro 7 will launch this year, I am less inclined to go with that assessment. A 2020 launch seems more likely, especially considering Microsoft is rumored to be planning a Pro 6 upgrade for this summer.

Microsoft is planning to include 16GB of RAM in a lower grade deal. At the moment, that amount of RAM is only available in the top of the range Core i7 variant.

Microsoft could create a new pricing category, with $1,399 the mooted cost of the Surface Pro 6 with 16GB of RAM and the Intel Core i5.

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 11:55 am CEST

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