At a busy Build 2019 developer conference today, Microsoft discussed a number of upcoming features for its Windows 10 platform. For the most part, the planned changes are specifically for developers, but users may also be interested in the changes.

Windows Terminal: The first planned improvement is a feature called Windows Terminal, which is the next version of Microsoft’s command line solution. Microsoft says Terminal on Windows 10 supports emojis, multiple tabs, and GPU text rendering.

“Windows Terminal will elevate the command-line user experience on Windows, delivering a powerful environment for users of PowerShell, Cmd, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and all forms of command-line application,” Microsoft notes.


Microsoft says dev’s will get their hands on Windows Terminal during June, so it may show up on the Insider program around that time. Expect a full roll out with Windows 19H2 later in the year.

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2: A new version of WSL is coming soon. Microsoft says the update will focus on the most requested items by users. Specifically they are performance and compatibility features. Among the major improvements are a doubling of speed compared to WSL’s current “file-system heavy operations “performance.

React Native for Windows: React Native for Windows 10 is now being developed through GitHub. This is important because developers can now access it in pre-release form.

Identity Changes: Also at Build 2019, Microsoft announced improvements to its Microsoft Identity platform. A new application registration process has been added. Elsewhere, there is now support for iOS, Android, and JavaScript on the web, and a new Microsoft Authentication Library.

Microsoft Edge Details

At Build 2019, Microsoft also explained its plans for the new Chromium Edge preview, including new tools such as Collections and privacy improvements.

With Collections you can gather content as you browse the web. Specifically, Collections can help users organize and share to help keep track easier. Microsoft many customers say they find the internet and overwhelming place and are often cluttered.