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Build 2019: Microsoft Details What to Expect from Chromium Edge

Microsoft revealed at Build 2019 what it is working on for Chromium Edge, including a feature called Collections and an upcoming Internet.


kicked off today and company CEO Satya Nadella centered the keynote address on the new browser. Of course, Chromium Edge was launched in preview last month, so it is no surprise Microsoft is eager to discuss the browser in depth.

Among the features on Chromium Microsoft Edge are Collections, which allow you to gather content as you browse the web. Specifically, Collections can help users organize and share to help keep track easier. Microsoft many customers say they find the internet and overwhelming place and are often cluttered.

Collections are not in the Chromium Edge browser just yet but should be arriving in future builds.

Privacy is becoming an increasingly important part of the browsing experience, and Microsoft Edge is keeping pace with new privacy tools. Currently as a concept, the new privacy dashboard gives users easier privacy settings to understand.

Specifically, controls will be more clearly labelled presets about which information that will be shared. Among the available options in the concept is the ability to configure how Edge interacts with third-party tracking.

“We're in the early stages of exploring how best to empower users to be in control of your data and beginning conversations with industry partners and the browser community. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the concepts we shared, and we're excited to share more in preview builds later on.”

Chromium Edge for Developers

Microsoft Edge based on Chrome is currently available across two preview channels, Dev and Canary. Microsoft will add a third, called Beta, soon. At Build 2019 today, the company highlighted how Chromium Edge meets the newest web standards and receives regular updates (daily through Canary).

By building Edge on Chromium, Microsoft can tap into the web rendering platform's DevTools. These integrated tools inspect and debug Edge web content through WebView, in browser, or progressive web apps (PWAs).

“Because the next version of Microsoft Edge will be cross platform, these experiences will work consistently across Windows and macOS, and will stay up to date with the latest platform capabilities regardless of the underlying operating system version.”

In terms of Windows, developers were shown Microsoft Edge powered WebView at Build 2019. Microsoft says it allows Chromium to run on UWP and Win32 Windows applications, providing faster hybrid apps.

Internet Explorer Mode

Microsoft is rejuvenating the Internet Explorer name with a special mode for enterprise customers on Chromium Edge. As the name suggests, this brings IE11 compatibility to internal sites on Microsoft Edge. The idea here is to mix modern web power and security with public Internet Explorer.

Of course, this is for legacy IE-only content that needs to be accessed with the abilities of Microsoft Edge.

“Microsoft Edge uses your existing Enterprise Mode Site List to identify sites which require IE rendering and simply switches to Internet Explorer mode behind the scenes.”

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