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Microsoft Will Finally Stop Windows 10 19H1 Update Block as Anti-Cheat Issues Are Resolved

Windows 10 19H1 users affected by the gaming anti-cheat bug will soon be able to update their OS, bringing fixes, features, and more. Some games may still not support the update.


Gamers waiting diligently for a new 19H1 build are finally in luck. After months of issues with gaming anti-cheat software, the issue has been declared resolved.

Though didn't officially name the software, it's widely known to be BattlEye. Due to blue screens, the update was first delayed for all users, then only for those with games using the software.

Even so, users with Fortnite, PUBG, Rainbow Six: Siege, ARK, Planetside 2, and H1Z1 won't have received an insider update for many months. A large number of gamers own at least one of those titles, leading to unfortunate delays.

Full Rollout Incoming

By all counts, BattlEye has been slow to resolve the problem. It's been six months since the last slow ring builds for affected users. Thankfully, it now seems game developers are working on fixes on their end to stop the GSODs.

As a result, Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc has begun the process to remove the block.

“Ok – team got back to me. Many games issued their own individual fixes,” said the Windows Insider program manager on Twitter. “Working now to get the block removed. Updated the blog post for Build 18362.”

LeBlanc did not provide a list of games with the fix but says he's working on it.  Insiders should soon be able to test 19H1's many features and benefit from fixes from a number of unrelated bugs.

The update is expected to launch next month with the title Windows 10 April 2019 update. It will bring a light mode, music controls in the volume flyout, multi-app removals, and other quality of life improvements.

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