Image: Albatross (Twitter)

Microsoft is now deep into development of the next Windows 10 upgrade. The October 2018 Update (version 1809) is done (sort of) and Insiders are now previewing Windows 10 19H1. As with all Win10 upgrades, version 19H1 will make big changes and add new features. However, it will also make some design tweaks, such as changing the volume flyout.

The volume flyout is the pop-up that appears when you select the volume icon on the taskbar. For those who have used Windows for years, the flyout has not really changed much. Sure, it has moved with the aesthetic times as Windows has evolved visually, but its core functionality has remained.

That functionality is simple, the volume flyout lets you turn the volume up or down. What more could you want? Well, at least something more and Microsoft is willing to help us out. With Windows 10 19H1, the volume flyout will now also house music playback controls.

Undoubtedly this is the biggest facelift the flyout has ever received. While music controls will not be extensive, they will allow you to get the basics done from your task bar. In Windows 10 19H1, users will see play, pause, and stop options integrated directly in the volume flyout.

On the current Windows 10 experience, these controls appear in the top left corner when music playback is occurring. According to Albatross on Twitter, this feature is in late internal development and should reach Windows Insiders in a preview build soon.

Windows 10 19H1

Windows 10 19H1 is the next upgrade for the Windows 10 platform. Microsoft is expected to continue development by adding new features in previews in the coming months.

Following the company’s recent release schedule, 19H1 should transition into a release build next spring, with April the most likely candidate.