The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft has received a significant update that brings it further in line with the Java version. Among other things, it adds several items, new textures, and an animal to the game.

One of the most notable additions is the Shield, which has been in the Java version of the game since early 2016. Players are now able to craft and equip the item in their off-hand, pressing the block button to reduce damage.

It’s joined by a new weapon, the crossbow, which was previously available only via a settings toggle. This signals that it’s now ready for general gameplay, with players able to use arrows or fireworks as ammo.

Lanterns, Cats, and Pillagers

Also coming from the experimental section are lanterns. They essentially act as a replacement for placing ugly torches on fence posts, but can also be hung under most blocks. Lanterns were first announced in 2010 and reached the Java version in late 2018, so it’s great to see them on all platforms.

However, it wouldn’t be a significant update without some more creatures. After player voting, Jellie the cat has been added to Minecraft. This is essentially a skin for the tameable cats you’ll find around villages, with gray and white fur and green eyes.

There’s also a new mob present, Pillagers, though they’re currently limited to Creative Mode. These are basically rogue villagers armed with crossbows and are able to spawn in raids.

Finally, it’s worth noting that there’s a big issue with HD texture packs on mobile. Mojang says these might cause your game to crash, and advises users to use non-HD versions while it works on a fix.