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Microsoft Patent Points to New Surface Pro Hinge Mechanism

Microsoft is testing a new kickstand hinge system for Surface Pro and other dual-screen and foldable display products.


is continuing to develop hardware updates for its hardware. A newly discovered shows the company is preparing a new kickstand mechanism. In the paper, the company describes how a new hinge for Surface products could be simplified and improved.

Windows Latest reports the patent details a new kickstand, which could be used on 2-in-1 devices or dual-screen hardware. As we know, Microsoft has been working on double screen and folding technology for some time.

The patent is titled “SECURED DEVICE PORTIONS” and was filed by Microsoft back in 2017. That means the company has been working on it for some time.

Among the details in the new Microsoft Patent include photos of a Surface Pro with a new kickstand mechanism. Microsoft points out the new hinge would allow an accompanying device to sit in different form factors.

While it seems Microsoft is testing this setup on a Surface Pro, the patent explains the kickstand will work on other dual-screen folding devices:

“Beyond the illustrated tablet configuration, in other implementations, the first and second portions 102 and 104 can be manifest as other form factors. For instance, the first and second portions could be manifest as the input side and display side of a notebook device,” Microsoft explains.

“In another example, the first and second portions could be manifest as two sides of a foldable smart phone or a wearable smart device. In one such example, either or both of the first and second portions can include a display or multiple displays,” Microsoft continues.

Hinge Development

It seems as though Microsoft is trying to find a solution for a hinge mechanism on a folding Surface. Earlier this month, a Microsoft Patent titled ‘FRICTION HINGE WITH CLUTCH-BASED RESISTANCE', the latest patent has some improvements in mind. Under the new design, it would be easier to close the kickstand, but harder to open it.

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