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Microsoft OneDrive for iOS Gets Office Lens Upgrades

OneDrive for iOS now lets users access Office Lens with a single tap, greatly increasing speed and productivity.


for iOS has received a minor update, improving the Office Lens feature. Though the document scanner has been in the app for a while it's been somewhat tucked away and difficult to use in a pinch.

The update improves this, adding a new button to the bottom bar. This means users can reach it as quickly as possible and won't miss presentation slides or have to search around fly-out menus.

To make things even simpler, you can also launch Office Lens if you aren't in the app. Heading to the home page and long pressing on the icon lets you open straight to that screen.

It's a minor improvement, but a welcome one, adding a lot of value to those who use it on a regular basis. For the unfamiliar, Office Lens lets users take pictures of text such as whiteboards, business cards, and documents, and extract information. The advantage of OneDrive integration is an automatic upload to your cloud library for review on any device.

Of course, has also stamped out some bugs. The app shouldn't crash on startup anymore, which was a major annoyance.

OneDrive and On This Day

The last major update to OneDrive for iOS was in late September, with the addition of an ‘On This Day' feature. This is seen in alternatives from , and has also proven popular on .

Essentially, it pushes notifications to the user of images taken on the same date in the past. If you had a trip to the Zoo a year ago, for example, OneDrive will remind you and let you reminisce.

The update also brought better camera roll integration, letting users organize by year and month. Finally, support for iOS 12 is here, bringing updates to the sharing menu.

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