Microsoft Updates OneDrive on iOS with On This Day Feature

With the release of update 10.33.5, Microsoft has also brought iOS 12 support for OneDrive, while also sending out a separate release for fixes.

is continuing to increase the capabilities of its OneDrive application on iOS. A new for the and iPad app has added some important new features. The experience provides some abilities that are so far exclusive to Apple's mobile platform.

As usual, Android users will get the features eventually, but iOS is first up. This release brings OneDrive up to 10.33.5 with a bunch of features. It is also worth noting has launched version 10.33.6, which is specifically to fix bugs in the apps.

This OneDrive focuses on a new feature called On This Day. Users can use this ability to see that were taken on specific days in the past:

“Take a blast from the past and rediscover from years past with our new On This Day feature – available in our Photos page. When we find memories to show you, we'll let you know,” Microsoft explains.

Microsoft has also made some changes to OneDrive's integration with the camera roll on iOS. The app could already automatically tap into the camera roll to send photos directly to the .

Now OneDrive can now organize the camera roll by year and month. Yes, the roll can already do this, but now you can do this organization directly within the storage app. Of course, this means users can now find their photos more easily.

iOS 12 Adoption

Apple is in the process of rolling out iOS 12 and Microsoft is wasting no time in adopting the platform. OneDrive now supports iOS 12, offering improvement:

“Sharing from the Photos view took a temporary summer break. This issue has been fixed, and is feeling ‘refreshed and reinvigorated,'” Microsoft says.

The update is available for the App Store here, for all users running iOS 10.1 of later on and iPad.