You may have noticed all of your Windows apps have been updated on the Microsoft Store. Not just that, the update was rolled out simultaneously. Needless to say, this is a strange occurrence. No, Microsoft is not suddenly updating its apps with all those features you want. Instead, the company has been fixing a problem.

An issue with the Microsoft Store meant users would see the error 0x800B0100 whenever an app download was initiated. This required a blanket update of the majority of Microsoft’s applications.

Palani Sundaramurthy, Principal Program Manager Lead on Developer & Partner Service explains:

“We are sorry about this failure and are actively working on mitigating it.. We have tracked this issue to our submission workflow incorrectly signing certain apps. [We need] to re-process the impacted apps in order to alleviate the problem. While we have already re-processed a few apps, […] we’re working to ensure that every impacted app is fixed.”

So, Microsoft is reprocessing applications, although this is showing up as app updates. Users should see the minor version number of .1000. From our own experience, the fix has worked, and the Microsoft Store is now downloading apps again.

The reprocessing seems to be happening in stages, so some users may have to wait. That means simply waiting it out until the fix is in place before you can download apps again. Microsoft says it is repackaging and pushing apps back into the wild as fast as possible.

Planning Ahead

This issue has happened just as Microsoft is rolling new features to the store. Currently in development is a shopping cart feature that should be available with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.