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New Windows 10 Preview Includes Sticky Notes 3.0 Update, To-Do Inking

Windows 10 preview build 18234 brings improvements to important apps, including Sticky Notes 3.0, and fixes a host of bugs.


has released preview build 18234, and it brings some significant app changes. Those on the Skip Ahead ring will notice improvements in Sticky Notes 3.0, To-Do, and Snip & Sketch, as well as some more minor changes.

The Sticky Notes 3.0 is the most notable update and began rolling out last week. It adds Fluent Design elements to some areas of the app, and a number of new features.

Users can now Sync and Backup notes across devices, manage their notes via a ‘new home' and enable a dark theme. Performance is also greatly improved, and a formatting bar allows for more advanced note-taking. Finally, accessibility is greatly improved.

It's unlikely Sticky Notes will become popular any time soon, but these changes are sure to please its niche user base. Microsoft is also planning a mobile counterpart that will make it much more useful.

Microsoft To-Do and Snip & Sketch

However, the company is also improving productivity in other areas. A Microsoft To-Do update adds Inking. Those with a pen can simply write their tasks instead of typing, creating a more natural feel. You can even use checkmarks or strike through to complete them.

Finally, a minor change comes to Snip & Snap. Users can now tell it when to take a screenshot, with choices of now, in 3 seconds, or in 10 seconds. This is useful if users need to prepare their desktop first, and is available from the taskbar pin.

The build also contains a number of bug fixes and improvements, as well as the dark theme File Explorer payload. You can view the full changelog on the blog.

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