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Reported Chromebook Dual-Boot Feature Shows Even Google Needs Windows 10

Google is developing a new Chromebook dual-boot ability that will let users run Windows 10 on their Chrome OS machines.


While rival OS providers will argue customers have no need for Windows, it amazes me how they always supply a path to 's platform. According to a report from XDA-Developers, is now working on a dual-boot system for . Yes, this would mean Windows 10 on the Chrome-running laptops.

already offers a similar system, known as Boot Camp, even though the company insists Mac OS is all you will ever need. It's noteworthy that Microsoft offers no side-door to Mac or Chrome OS.

The report suggests Google is working on a so-called “alt OS mode”. This will be reserved specifically for the company's own Pixelbook laptop. Mountain View has been developing this feature for much of this year in an effort to bring to Chromebooks.

Interestingly, the report points to Google trying to pass Microsoft's tests for hardware certification. This is Microsoft's own set of regulations and rules if a company is to build Windows 10 devices officially.

This is known because XDA-Developers says the Windows Hardware Certification Kit in development builds of Chrome OS.

As Google has been working on this dual-boot support for some time, it is expected the feature will come to Pixelbook soon. It is worth pointing out some Chromebooks have just 16GB of internal storage. That points to Chrome's always-connected model which relies on cloud for storage needs. These devices will not have enough space to boot Windows 10.

In fact, only Chromebooks with at least 40GB of storage space will be able to manage Windows 10.

Microsoft's Dual Boot

Of course, Microsoft has its own dual boot situation. Still, it is not about caving in and relying on another platform to make yours complete.

Instead, the company has placed Windows 10 S on Windows 10 Pro machines. Users can boot into either mode as they want.

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