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Microsoft Launcher Gets Version 4.12 Update with New Gestures and UI Improvements

Microsoft Launcher 4.12 brings several usability, UI, and customization improvements to the app, as well as some new gestures and parental features.


Microsoft Launcher has been updated to version 4.12, bringing a number of significant improvements and new features. The release was previously available on the app’s beta ring but is now available to all.

One of the most significant additions builds on the gesture system Microsoft has been slowly patching in. Users can now swipe up on folder or app icons to open or click to launch.

It’s joined by further customization options in the last row of the expanded dock, which not has a variety of choices. You can add apps, folders, pinned contacts, search bar or widgets to suit your needs.

Microsoft is also refining its UI, adding a blur option, animation adjustments, and app badges in the drawer. Folders in the drawer also sort alphabetically now, increasing consistency.

Android 4.0 Support Axed

On top of all this, the team has finally declared full support for Android 8.0, which released almost a year ago. Unfortunately, it comes at the cost of support for Android 4 and 4.1, but we assume that’s a small amount of the user base at this point.

Last but not least, parents can now enable web filtering via the family card. This adds to a somewhat controversial feature in 4.10 which lets parents track the location of their children.

Whatever your thoughts, Microsoft Launcher is proving hugely popular. It’s one of the company’s most popular Android apps with over 10 million installs. Regrettably, I have noticed some slow down with this build, but the team is likely to iron it out quickly. You can grab the latest build below:

[appbox googleplay id=com.microsoft.launcher&hl=en_GB]

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