Microsoft Launcher has received a steady series of updates this year, adding features to the service. The popular Android launcher is receiving a new update this week. Version 4.10 of the Microsoft Launcher is now available from the Google Play Store.

All users can update to the new version now and get the same additions we recently saw on the beta release.

Leading the way in terms of new features are safety features for parents to manage child use. App activity monitoring and the ability to track the whereabout kids are now part of the launcher. Microsoft is also trying to further entice users to Bing search. However, this search ability is only available in the United States, where Bing still holds some market sway.

Here’s the changelog below:

  • Stay up to date on your kids’ whereabouts and their app activities with the family card in the feed**
  • Search the web with a picture, snap a new pic from the search bar to visually search (US only)
  • Earn Microsoft Rewards points for using Bing Search (US only)
  • Wallpaper UX improvements

If you are new to Microsoft Launcher, you can grab the app or update it from the Google Play Store here.

Recent Updates

Last month, Microsoft released a Launcher update to support some features of the upcoming Android P. Specifically, the launcher now supports gestures, which are a big part of the Android P ecosystem.

Users can now define a gesture to lock their home screen, with a double tap as the default. This speeds up the process of opening locking a handset compared to a button. However, this is still in beta, so the gestures are a little buggy.