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Microsoft Releases Remote Desktop Web Client for Windows Server 2016

The Remote Desktop web client is now available on all major browsers and can be installed by admins via simple PowerShell cmdlets. It lets users on multiple OSes connect to Windows 10 or Windows Server devices.


After a period of limited preview, has released its web client for Windows Server 2016 and the 2019 Preview. The client lets users use the feature via most modern browsers, increasing convenience.

Admins install the web client via some simple PowerShell cmdlets, with the KB4025334 update making the functionality possible. It's aimed primarily at users who don't need the advanced features of a native client and is fairly simplistic as result. The latest build supports the following features:

  • “Access desktops and apps published through a feed
  • Single sign-on
  • Print to PDF file
  • Audio out
  • Full screen and dynamic resolution
  • Copy/paste text using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V
  • Keyboard and mouse input support
  • Localized in 18 languages.”

Multi-OS Support

According to Microsoft, the computers users connect to must be running either or Windows Server 2008 R2 or later to work. However, users can initiate Remote Desktop from a number of platforms, with support for Windows, Chromebook, Linux, and macOS.

Remote Desktop web client

As well as Microsoft Edge, the functionality is available in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE11+. The only real exception is Opera, which sees little use, and even less in enterprise. The only other restriction is that Firefox must be version 55.0 or above.

It's also worth noting that Internet Explorer doesn't support audio, and Safari can run into issues if the browser is resized or enters fullscreen multiple times. It's clear that the release isn't perfect, but Microsoft has deemed it stable enough for use in production environments.

You can find more information on the Microsoft cloud blog.

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