Skype 8.0

Microsoft has announced the end of Skype Classic on September 1, 2018. Users on the older version will be forced to download 8.0, which contains a modernized design.

Unfortunately, it’s a design many took issue with, not least due to a number of missing features. Microsoft has been working diligently to bring its new app in line, but it’s not all the way there yet.

“As we roll out improvements, there comes a time when we must shut down older services and application versions,” said a spokesperson. “This is done to ensure that all customers have the best possible Skype experience, and that there are no quality or reliability issues resulting from old technology and new technology interoperating. We know change can be hard, so we’re working to make the update as simple as possible.”

The company is encouraging users to ‘upgrade’ now to avoid inoperability in September. It’s citing a number of new features, including free HD video and screen sharing, @mentions, a chat media gallery, and more.

Skype 8.0 Features

However, a clear part of Microsoft’s motive is Skype’s upcoming features. Version 8.0 will soon implement read receipts, end-to-end encrypted conversations, call recording, profile invites, and group links.

Essentially, it’s pulling in features from modern chat apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. Part of that is support for Skype 8.0 on iPad to further consolidate the experience. There’s no doubt that some will be angry with this decision, but it may be necessary for Microsoft to keep up with its competitors.

The move comes after a serious security scare that made Skype Classic unavailable for some time. Though Microsoft later reintroduced the app, it’s now clear that its days were numbered.

You can find more information about the changes on the Skype blog.