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Microsoft Says Windows Timeline Will Launch on Android, Still in Development

Microsoft has again confirmed Timeline will arrive on Android in the future, but the feature is still in development.


There was a time when Windows was a closed shop. What was available on the platform stayed locked down. has changed its ethos in recent years and is spreading its software features across platforms. The latest to potentially make the jump is , which seems to be heading to .

Of course, Microsoft accommodating other platforms is not the company spreading software goodwill. There is profit to be made and that largely explains the company's new-found openness. It's paid dividends too as Microsoft is one of Android's leading developers (you can put iOS in there too).

In terms of Timeline, a recent tweet by Vishnu Nath, head of program management, Microsoft Mobility Experiences, confirmed development of an Android implementation is ongoing. As that vague statement (see below) suggests, no ETA on its availability was given.

Windows Timeline gives users in Windows 10 the ability to see what they are doing at a particular time. It is a PC version of Microsoft's “Pick Up Where You Left Off” feature. Using the Timeline lets you see activity through past Windows 10 use, set out in cards for more efficient movement between apps.

Users get the benefit of seeing a snapshot of their previous activity and restoring to an earlier point if needed.

The much-delayed feature finally shipped with Redstone 4 (April 2018 Update). Microsoft previously said it would make activities dynamic across devices, allowing users to pick up any Windows 10 device and have a connected experience. That cross-device expansion also included other platforms.


It remains to be seen how Timeline will be implemented on Android. Microsoft has already made the feature available on iOS in a limited capacity. The underpinning software is integrated into Microsoft Edge on Apple's mobile platform.

For Android, it is possible Microsoft will just bake it into Edge again. However, it could also make its way to Microsoft Launcher and give users a wider snapshot across their device as a whole.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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