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Mixed Reality: Microsoft’s Layout and Remote Assist Apps Get Early Store Release

Remote Assist and Microsoft Layout are available for free in preview despite their planned release date next week. They currently support HoloLens and PC.


may be gearing up for a HoloLens competitor, but 's ecosystem is still well underway. Today Twitter tipster WalkingCat noted two listings on the Store that aren't slated for preview until May 22.

Both apps were announced at the Build 2018 conference, which it uses to inform developers of the latest tools. Remote Assist lets users collaborate via the internet with hands-free video calling, AR annotations, image sharing, and more.

Microsoft often shows its HoloLens working in tandem with others, and Object Theory's Prism lets users interact remotely in real-time. Remote Assist seems targetted more towards assistance from someone without a headset in order to guide various tasks.

Microsoft Layout

The second app is a little different. Microsoft Layout or ‘ML' lets users pull designs into their headset and high-quality holograms. It's focused primarily at room layouts, letting users plan directly in the space objects will go and scale and edit them.

Stakeholders will then people able to view the process in real-time via a Skype call, and at the end of it all work will be backed up on a PC for further development.

Both apps were slated for a limited-time free preview, and are currently available without payment from the Microsoft Store. It's not yet clear how much the Redmond Giant will charge when they do come out, so be sure to grab them early to get some extra testing in.

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