Source: Object Theory

Collaboration has been a part of the HoloLens since the very beginning, featuring in numerous videos and promotional material. Object Theory, a partner in the Windows Mixed Reality program, plans to deliver on that via its fully remote collaboration tool.

Prism demonstrates the company’s collaboration service, allowing up to four users to participate remotely via avatars, including spatial audio chat, annotations, and 3D tabletop models.

“Prism provides HoloLens users around the world with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with holographic objects and environments in their real world,” explained Michael Hoffman, a founding partner of Object Theory. “We’ve been working on our Mixed Reality Collaboration Service for two years, and after deploying it successfully for several client projects, we felt it was the right time to release a free application on the Windows Store that demonstrates to HoloLens users the power of collaborative computing.”

Just the Beginning

The company’s founders have previously worked build the collaboration system in OnSite. With collaboration with Microsoft, it lets NASA scientists work virtually on Mars using the Curiosity rover and HoloLens.

However, the company also stresses that this is “just the beginning of showcasing next-generation collaboration scenarios.”

Currently, Prism features two demos, the design of a modern house, and planning a cycling route on Mount Hood in Oregon. Object Theory expects the number of companies looking for these experiences to grow, especially in fields like Architecture and Engineering.

Until then, you can trial Prism via the Microsoft Store.