Xbox One users are getting some more streaming content after Facebook Video made its debut on the console. The availability of the streaming service comes over a year after Apple TV and Samsung TVs scored the integration.

With Facebook Video, users can search and browser video suggested by the social network. Live streams are also available, while it is possible to view your own videos through the app. The app is now available from the Microsoft Store on Xbox One. Users can access the content by signing into their Facebook account.

Facebook Video also comes with the network’s Watch on-demand platform. Launched last August, Watch provides original content by the company and its partners. Facebook announced a $1 billion budget for content during 2018, comprised of short and long form videos.

Through the Watch service, partners earn 55% of the advertising revenue. The service recommends personalized content and categories for browsing. It is worth noting that Facebook Watch is currently only available in the United States.

Interestingly, Xbox One is the first of Microsoft major platforms to get the Facebook Video app. It is not yet available on Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile. Considering all Windows versions are basically the same, we are surprised it is not on Windows 10. Of course, we will probably never see it on Windows 10 Mobile.

Streaming Choices

While Facebook Video is unlikely topple Netflix or YouTube, it is another bow in the cap for Xbox One streaming. The console now has a myriad of streaming options, including Spotify on the music front.

Microsoft will be pleased to see more services embrace Xbox, especially considering its own streaming services have crumbled. Last year, the company shuttered its Groove Music Streaming Pass and directed users towards Spotify.