If you are running Microsoft’s Skype app on an Android device, you should be seeing a new update today. The company has rolled out a release that brings the app up to version Leading the new abilities are improved audio control for Android devices.

Microsoft says users can now easily switch between speaker, earpiece, wired, and Bluetooth devices. As usually, the company has also made those unspecific bug fixes and improvements across the app:

  • Improved audio control – easily switch between your earpiece, speaker, wired or Bluetooth device during a call.
  • Bug fixes and various improvements

If you are on Android, you can grab the update by heading to the Skype app on the Google Play Store. Audio improvements are a nice touch, especially as they will enhance the call quality while using Skype.

Last month, Microsoft introduced Call Snapshots, a new ability that makes sharing parts of calls easier:

“With Call Snapshots, you can easily take a photo of a video call and share it with the person you’re chatting with. To take a snapshot of your call, just press the camera button in the lower left corner and you’ll see the photo on the call canvas as well as in the chat,” she explains. “From that chat, you can save the photo to your local camera roll, forward it, remove it or post it to your highlights just like any other photo you have shared into a chat.”

End-to-End Encryption

Back in January, Microsoft finally introduced end-to-end encryption for Skype. The first time the feature is available in the app, it is an important step for user privacy. However, unlike WhatsApp’s always on encryption, Skype users must choose to enter a private chat or not.