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Windows 10 Build 17074.1002 Fixes Boot Issues on AMD PCs

Windows 10 Insider build 17074.1002 halts the block of updates on AMD PCs, finally allowing them to access the new features. It also fixes boot slowdowns.


Last week, released one of the most significant RS4 builds so far. It introduced changes to the Action Center, as well as adding quiet hours, variable fonts, and more. However, it was unavailable to a subset of AMD PCs.

Due to an interaction with the OS update and some anti-virus software, many PCs were left in an unbootable state. Some vendors were bypassing Kernel Patch Protection through use of a hypervisor, which is used to intercept system calls and guess memory locations. Microsoft's fix for the CPU vulnerabilities changed those memory locations, causing boot issues.

Naturally, Microsoft halted the updates for many older AMD processors, but it has now removed the block. AMD users with updated virus software should now be able to install the patch.

Alongside that, Microsoft has fixed an issue that causes some devices to hang on the boot screen. This issue arose when users had virtualization enabled in the BIOS.

Windows 10 Insider Build 17074 Changes

As this is the first time AMD fans will be seeing the build, it's worth going over its major features once more.

One of the biggest improvements is Quiet Hours, which will disable Action Center notifications during specified time periods. The feature also disables them when users are running a full-screen, Direct X game or duplicating their display.

Changes have also been made to the Windows Shell. In response to feedback, Microsoft will now display some directories on the menu by default. By placing the Documents and Pictures folders by default, the company hopes to make things smoother for new users.

It's joined by upgrades to Near Share, which enable easy transfer between two nearby devices. This build introduces vital stability improvements and bug changes.

The build is also a must for any users of Edge. There have been significant upgrades to the Hub and Reading views, with the introduction of Fluent Design elements, different hub sections, improved annotations, fullscreen mode, and more.

Edge also supports the OpenType variable fonts standard, making it the second browser to do so after Chrome. You can find more information about the update on the Microsoft blog.

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