Bill Gates

We’ve spied various Microsoft executives using different platforms, Joe Belfiore, for example, tweeting from an iPhone and admitting he uses Android as a daily driver.

As the founder of the company, you may expect Bill Gates to be a little more loyal, but it appears he’s also made the switch. In an interview with Fox, Gates remarked on Apple’s strategy since Jobs’ death and also his phone usage.

“I happen to use all Windows-based PCs…the phone that I have recently, I actually did switch to an Android phone with a lot of Microsoft software,” he said with a grin.

Though some fans will feel this is a nail in the coffin of sorts, it’s hard to really blame him. Microsoft is no longer selling its own mobile hardware, and the app gap is still very prevalent. Updates to the platform at this point are minimal, and developers would rather focus elsewhere.

Thankfully, with almost all of Microsoft’s offerings now on Android, it’s possible for Gates to support the company while using Google’s OS. While some shareholders have questioned this strategy, it’s looking smarter and smarter as the usage Windows 10 Mobile decreases.

No Interest in iPhone

Undoubtedly, Gate’s was referring to use of Word, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Outlook, which all have stable apps on other platforms. There’s even Arrow Launcher, which brings a Microsoft-focused experience to users’ home screen.

Despite all this, Gates still seems firmly against iPhone. Though the innovator said “It’s great that Apple continues to good work,” he held firmly to a no iPhone attitude, expression suggesting it wouldn’t happen anytime soon, either.

Though Google is still a huge competitor for Microsoft, it also has more parallels in values. Like Microsoft, the company has historically promoted customization and openness on its platform, next to Apple’s fairly restrictive experience.

Of course, executives have said many times that Microsoft is working on something behind the scenes, known to consumers as the ‘Surface Phone’. However, as we’ve said before, it’s more of a concept than a specific device. The company will only come back when it has something innovative, and until then, Gate’s use of Android isn’t a huge concern.