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Microsoft Executive Joe Belfiore Uses Android Instead of Windows

Joe Belfiore, a man close to the Windows phone platform, uses an Android powered Samsung Galaxy S8 as his daily smartphone. Admittedly, it is the version with a Microsoft twist, but Windows users will likely be unhappy.


executive Joe Belfiore is not popular amongst fans at the moment. He has been accused of abandoning Windows 10 Mobile and focusing on rival platforms. With that in mind, we guess it won't go over well that Belfiore does not use a Windows smartphone. Instead, he uses 's Galaxy S8 flagship.

In fairness to Joe Belfiore, there are some important caveats. You may remember that Samsung introduced a special Microsoft version of the Galaxy S8. This handset had core Microsoft services (the full Office suite) baked into it. Microsoft sells this non-Windows device through its Microsoft Store.

It was hoped that Samsung would introduce a Windows 10 Mobile version of the S8, but it never happened. However, the Microsoft-oriented handset is the one being used by Belfiore.

So, the device he is using is a Microsoft tinted , but an Android nonetheless. We imagine this is going to cause a stir amongst those who believe Microsoft should be pushing Windows phone above rival platforms.

We tend to run a middle ground. We can see the benefits of the company spreading its wings to other platforms, but hate the fact has become an afterthought. It is also not exactly a good look when one of your major Windows phone executives is sporting an Android smartphone.

Smartphone of Choice

These days, Joe Belfiore is not running the Windows 10 Mobile show. However, he was once heavily involved in the platform and was a major advocate for its growth. While more a fun point than anything else, him using an Android will fuel the notion that Windows phone is dead.

Of course, the Galaxy S8 is also a fine device and the Microsoft Edition is interesting. While all S8 handsets come with core Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the Microsoft Edition gets a wider range. For example, it also gets OneDrive, Cortana, and Outlook.

Samsung also recently integrated Windows Hello into its native Galaxy S8 apps.

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Luke Jones
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