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Xbox One X Second Pre-Order Sales Information Leaked by Walmart

Retail heavyweight Walmart has leaked information about Xbox One X pre-order information that will start on September 21.


We already know that will launch November 7. opened pre-orders for the Edition last month and promised September would bring with it pre-orders for the standard edition. Before Microsoft could make an announcement, Walmart has taken the lead.

Thurrott reports the retail giant has jumped the gun and announced its pre-order information early. Microsoft would probably have wanted to debut this information officially first. Either way, Walmart confirms that pre-orders will start on Sept. 21.

So, Walmart let the proverbial cat out of the bag and Reddit users “YouAreSalty” found a screenshot to accompany the information.

We have already seen the Project Scorpio Edition break records as the fastest selling Xbox pre-order ever. Its early success has given Microsoft plenty of hope Xbox One X will be a bona fide hit. While the company still sees Xbox One S as its core sales device, the X will uncertainly be a success.

However, the small print on the Walmart ad shows that the device will be available in limited numbers. The retailer is limiting the amount of sales to 2 units per customer. We are not sure how many units Microsoft will make available in total, but we expect pre-orders to sell well.

Now that Walmart has dished out the information, we may see other companies follow suit. We may also see Microsoft come out with official new this week.

Xbox One X

Microsoft's new console is the most powerful ever made. It was launched at E3 2017 after previously being announced at the same event a year before.

In July, we wrote about the high price of the Xbox One X and how it will unlikely be able to stop Sony beating Microsoft in the console market. The new console will sell well, but Microsoft admits it was not developed to be a sales juggernaut.

For what it's worth, the Nintendo Switch has outsold Xbox One and PlayStation 4 over the last four months.

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