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Microsoft Reveals Xbox One X Migration Path, Pre-Order Availability, and Project Scorpio Edition Details

At its Gamescom event, Microsoft announced three easy ways for users to transition from the Xbox One/Xbox One S to the new Xbox One X.


introduced the at E3 2017 earlier in the summer. With that in mind, the company's presence at Gamescom 2017 is decidedly more mooted. That said, Microsoft did announce how it is making it easier for users to upgrade to the newer console.

Of course, 2017 does not kick off until Wednesday, but as usual, Microsoft is holding its announcements before the event.

In terms of Xbox One X, the company says there will be three methods to transition from the Xbox One S:

  • Settings back-up – your existing Xbox One settings data (presumably including the new modular Home menu) can be copied to an external storage device, and reapplied to an X.
  • Early 4K updates – Patches for 4K game enhancements are likely to be weighty. You'll be able to download these early on your existing Xbox, then copy them to external storage, or transfer them over a home network when your X arrives.
  • Game and app transfer – Once you receive your X, all games and apps from your original console can be transferred over your home network, which should be faster than re-downloading them or copying via external storage.

Xbox vice president Mike Ybarra also said Xbox One games stored on an external drive will work on Xbox One X by simply plugging and playing.

Microsoft is playing a good game. As we have mentioned, the company knows sales for the Xbox One X will not match the Xbox One S. However, it is also clear there will be many customers who want to upgrade their console this holiday.

Making the transition as smooth as possible is important to ensure customers get the best experience. The console is now available for pre-order ahead of its November 7 launch.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

I mentioned Microsoft dropped all the huge news at E3. That is not to say Gamescom has nothing interesting. Indeed, the company saved something special for its event in Cologne, Germany.

Microsoft announced the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition for pre-order. This special edition One X helps the name live on. Originally used as a codename, Project Scorpio is also the name of the engine that drives the new console.

The special edition as the words “Project Scorpio” printed on the controller and the console. It also gets a “dynamic graphic pattern across the exterior,” and a box that draws inspiration from the original Xbox. The special edition also comes with a vertical stand not available on the regular Xbox One X.

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