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Joe Belfiore: Windows 10 ARM Not Coming to Classic Windows Phones

The Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft has clarified that Windows 10 ARM Edition is not a phone-like experience.


will not be coming to existing Windows phones, Joe Belfiore has said in a webcast on Mixer held by the Windows Insider team.

In the webcast (47:20), someone asked the CVP of the Operating Systems Group whether or not Windows 10 ARM would be coming to the Microsoft Lumia 950. Belfiore responded tersely, saying “no”.

He then explained that Windows 10 ARM is a “desktop PC experience”, not a phone-like experience. Furthermore, Belfiore added that Microsoft has Windows 10 Mobile for phone-like experiences on ARM.

In short, Belfiore explained that the full Windows 10 ARM Edition effort is about enabling great battery life and sleep on ARM-based and laptops. Of course, that does not mean that Microsoft is not working on something similar for phones. Rumors have spread that the Redmond tech giant is working on another attempt at .

Windows 10 ARM is the technology that will allow for x86 emulation on ARM processors. Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 10 ARM PCs late this year, powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors.

Windows 10 ARM on the Surface Phone?

Given the rumors about a new attempt at Windows phone, in the future, there could be phone-like devices with Windows 10 ARM. For example, two weeks ago rumors surfaced that the Surface Phone could now be close to release.

The has lived in the land of myth for years, however, over the last 12 months, there have been rumors regarding the handset's arrival. According to reports, the device will not be a smartphone per se, but a mobile type device.

That could mean that we may see the full Windows 10 ARM Edition on the Surface Phone. Since the device is not supposed to be a phone, it should be able to run Windows 10 ARM.

Moreover, last week a Microsoft patent surfaced which shows a Windows phone with a folding screen that would allow it to be used like a tablet. Judging by the patent, it seems that the device also features a 360-degree mode. This device could also be able to run Windows 10 ARM.

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