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Windows 10’s File History Backup Makes a Return in Latest Insider Update

File History backup is back, but full restore functionality is yet to make an appearance. It's not yet known why the feature was missing from build 16212.


There was considerable concern when a Fall Creators update build removed File History backup. Build 16212 was accidentally released to the public early, and the removal was thought to be permanent.

We can now confirm that the system is back in build 16226. As before, you will find it in the settings app, and it will let you keep different versions of your files on another drive. However, users say that despite its return, they are unable to restore previous backups. Assumedly, this will also return in later builds.

No Reason Given for Removal

Though it's clear that File History backup is here to stay, what's less clear is why it was removed in the first place. The natural assumption is that is working on improvements to the system, and simply hadn't finished them when the build leaked early.

What exactly those improvements are is anyone's guess. It's possible that the new OneDrive On-Demand feature requires some adjustments to the system, or that other changes broke it temporarily.

Whatever the case, the return should please users. Despite the shift to cloud-based backups, others are still common. Microsoft's File History backup has been here since Windows 8, and many are still reliant on the functionality it provides.

Personally, I find it invaluable in accessing different document versions. Overwriting text with the wrong thing happens way too often, and Microsoft's system offers a very simple way to mitigate that.

If you're new to the feature, it can now be found under Settings>Backup>Back up using your File History.

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