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The PS4 Pro first launched last November, but Amazon has been very slow to support the new 4K functionality. Though owners of Sony consoles are still waiting, Xbox One S users can finally stream in ultra high definition.

The latest update to the console’s Amazon Video app will enable the feature automatically, but the content is somewhat limited. Most of the Prime shows in 4K are Amazon Originals, including The Grand Tour, Sneaky Pete and The Man in the High Castle. However, it’s possible that 1080p shows will use upscaling methods to provide content that is still sharper.

Best Console for 4K Content?

This is the latest in a number of apps to support 4K on Xbox, including Hulu, Netflix, and the Xbox Store. Together, they provide some of the best access to UHD content available on console.

Why Amazon Video is yet to release an update for the PS4 Pro remains a mystery. Microsoft sells the Xbox One not just as a console, but an all-around media device, so it’s possible it sees it as a priority. There’s also Scorpio coming out soon, which should bring more users into 4K.

Combine the new functionality with a BluRay drive and HDR support, and Microsoft is looking to have a significant advantage over Sony. Though 4K is still far from mass-market, the number of owners will only grow, making it a good investment.

With hope, an update for PS4 Pro will roll out shortly. It would certainly be strange for Amazon to focus only on one console, especially with 4K available on Sony smart TVs already.

Until then, Xbox One S owners can take full advantage of the feature by updating their app to the latest version. It should run automatically when starting the app if it hasn’t completed automatically already.