Credit: Windows Central

Earlier this month, Microsoft dropped a lot of valuable information about Project Scorpio / Xbox Scorpio. The company revealed the full specs of the console and we have also seen the development kits for the first time. As expected, the specs live up to Microsoft’s claims of Project Scorpio being a beastly machine.

We already know Project Scorpio plays games in native 4K and can also improve Xbox One games with better graphics and framerate.

Exactly how this capability will transfer to the screen will not be seen officially until June. That is when Microsoft will fully launch Project Scorpio at E3 2017. Luckily, we don’t have to wait that long as Windows Central is reporting on a private Microsoft event that showcased the graphics of Xbox Scorpio.

The behind closed doors event showed the console running 4K and visually enhancing Xbox One games running 1080p.

Credit: Windows Central

As you can see in the image above, the demo features a scientist lady. It is worth noting two things about this image. The first is that it is not from a game, but is purely created for the demo. Secondly, the image shows three versions of the scientist. The first is the image running normally on the Xbox One in 1080p.

The second panel shows the 1080p image upscaled by Project Scorpio. The third image shows the scientist rendered in native 4K. It is quite clear to see the progression in quality from Xbox One to native 4K.

According to the report, the first Project Scorpio tech demo featured a scientist lady in a steampunk-inspired lab, though please note this was not taken from an actual game. The image below is in native 4K:

Second Project Scorpio Demo

Credit: Windows Central

Microsoft also showed another tech demo at the private event. The image shows a yellow lady bug in close up on a flower. The image above shows the image in native 4K running on Project Scorpio’s full potential. I think you would agree it looks stunning.

This image is used to show how developers can gain even more performance by developing their games in full 4K.