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Microsoft Announces Expansion of Enterprise K1 Plan for Office 365

Enterprise K1 for Office 365 now includes applications like Microsoft Teams, StaffHub, OneDrive for Business and Office 365 video. Despite this, the price stays at a respectable $4 per user per month.


Microsoft’s Enterprise K1 plan was created with a focus on productivity via scheduling and communications tools. It’s primarily for workers without a desk or office, like hotel and retail employees.

However, the Office 365 ecosystem has evolved quite a bit recently, and Enterprise K1 users haven’t seen all of the benefits. Today, Microsoft is addressing that, with the inclusion of several new services.

Enterprise K1 for Office 365 Additions

Enterprise K1 now incorporates apps like Microsoft Teams, as well as StaffHub and Office 365 video. Here’s the full list of new products:

  • Microsoft StaffHub—Helps frontline workers manage their workday with schedule management, information sharing and the ability to connect to other work-related apps and resources. StaffHub was added to the K1 plan earlier this year.
  • OneDrive for Business with 2 GB of cloud storage—Provides employees a secure environment to store, manage and access files from virtually anywhere and on any device.
  • Skype for Business presence and instant messaging—Enables employees to communicate in real-time, along with the ability to participate in Skype Meeting Broadcast sessions.
  • Microsoft Teams—A hub for teamwork that connects employees to the people, tools and content they need to do their best work.
  • Office 365 Video—Provides employees with a secure, company-wide destination for posting, sharing and discovering video content.
  • Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow—Eases the automation of repetitive tasks and workflows.”

Microsoft has been trailing the new plan already, the first customer being AccorHotels:

The products will be rolling out to customers in the next few weeks. The price will stay at $4 per user per month. You can find more detail on the Office blog.

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