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Microsoft Teams to Introduce Personalized Emoji Creation for Users

Microsoft Teams testing custom emoji creation for more personal communication. Users may soon design their own, boosting user engagement

Microsoft Teams to Implement AI Monitoring for User Engagement

Microsoft's new AI-powered tech wants to keep you focused in Teams meetings! It tracks webcam, device usage, and even content to judge attention.

Microsoft Teams Anticipates Language Support Expansion and Seamless Deployment in April

Teams Rooms get revamped! Users can soon choose languages directly, streamlining meetings.

Microsoft Teams Premium Unveils AI-Powered Custom Backgrounds for Video Meetings

Microsoft Teams Premium users can now use an AI-powered feature to generate custom backgrounds during video meetings.

Microsoft Teams Exploited to Spread DarkGate Malware in Phishing Campaign

The cybersecurity landscape has experienced a significant breach as energy corporation Schneider Electric has been attacked by the Cactus ransomware.

Microsoft Teams Enhances Gallery View with New AI Features and Layout Options

Microsoft is making some exciting improvements to the gallery view feature in Teams online video meetings.

Microsoft Teams Up with Sony for AI Integration in New Electric Vehicle

Microsoft has partnered with Sony Honda Mobility to provide an AI assistant for their new electric car, the Afeela.

Microsoft Teams Integrates New OneDrive Experience for Enhanced File Management

Microsoft significantly upgrades Teams file management with a new OneDrive app, replacing the existing Files app.

Microsoft Teams Introduces Immersive 3D Spaces, Microsoft Mesh Coming January 2024

Microsoft enhances Teams with immersive spaces feature, allowing users to interact as 3D avatars in virtual environments.

Microsoft Teams for Education Introduces Tools for Content Reuse and Feedback

The new features aim to streamline educational workflows and facilitate better interaction between teachers and students.

Microsoft Teams App Ecosystem Gains User Ratings and Full Reviews Functionality

Microsoft Teams introduces ratings and reviews to improve app discovery and foster a more collaborative and user-driven platform.

Microsoft Teams to Introduce Archivable and Restorable Channels in December 2023

Microsoft Teams is set to introduce Archive Channels in December 2023, allowing users to remove or 'archive' unused chats without permanent deletion.

Microsoft Teams Directly Integrates Workflows via Power Automate

The new Workflows app for Teams is built upon Microsoft Power Automate, a platform known for automating processes by connecting various applications.

Microsoft Teams 2.0 Pipeline: Enhanced Collaboration, Chat Workflow, Revamped Together Mode, and Private Line...

Microsoft Teams 2.0 is set to receive a series of significant updates, including inbuilt workflows, a revamped Together Mode, and a new private line feature

Microsoft Teams Channels to Integrate Loop Components from November

Microsoft says it will bring Loop Components to Microsoft Teams in November, ramping up the Teams 2.0 rollout.

Microsoft Teams Gets Free Mesh Toolkit to Help Develop Immersive Spaces

Microsoft's toolkit gives developers tools such as Mesh graphics, physics, scripting, play mode, uploader, and a Content Performance Analyzer.

Innovative Redesign Ushers New Microsoft Teams App for Windows, Mac Users

To offer improved speed and performance, Microsoft has incorporated the React framework in the new Teams application for Windows.

Microsoft Teams Mobile Enhances User Experience with Added Feature for Content Capture

By November, Microsoft's capture feature will be introduced to the Teams mobile app on both Android and iOS.

Microsoft Teams Retires Life Events for New Town Halls Feature

Starting October 5, the Microsoft Town Halls feature will be available for commercial users, catering to events like company-wide meetings, internal broadcasts, fireside chats, and more.

Microsoft Mesh Public Preview Is Coming to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Mesh for Teams offers a 3D immersive virtual meeting experience, enabling participants to interact in a unified digital space.

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