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WikiLeaks: Microsoft and Other Tech Giants Should Sign Zero-Day Fix Promise to Get CIA-Leaks Data

To see information from the Vault 7 dump that would allow companies to protect against CIA created zero days, tech giants must sign a document for WikiLeaks, committing to fix any issues within 90 days.


It has been over a week since said it would provide CIA-related information to major tech companies like and . However, that information has still not been provided. A new report suggests WikiLeaks wants the tech giants to agree to some stipulations before sending them the information.

The story stems from a WikiLeaks release of documents that showed the CIA has the ability to corrupt devices around the world. The so-called Vault 7 leaks show the US government agency can compromise consumer electronics like smartphones. With this ability, the CIA breaches undisclosed security holed in software and take over devices.

The zero-day vulnerabilities would be disclosed to Microsoft and other tech companies, WikiLeaks promised. We reported two weeks ago that tech giants were still waiting for the information. The delay seems to be because non-profit group wants the companies to sign an agreement.

Microsoft and other companies have been trying to fix the vulnerabilities. Without the key information of what the CIA does to breach devices, a solution is hard to find. WikiLeaks has the information, according to founder Julian Assange.

90 Day Vault 7 Agreement

After first saying contact has not been made, the tech fraternity has reportedly received emails from WikiLeaks. The email contains a document that the companies must agree to and sign. What the group wants is unclear, but one stipulation is said to be that any fixes be implemented within 90 days.

It is unclear whether the companies will adhere to the document. There is already a legal minefield surrounding the Vault 7 dump. The classified documents could bring unwanted legal pressure onto tech firms.

has already more or less said it does not need Assange's help. The company claims its latest software is already shored up to protect against the Vault 7 vulnerabilities. Microsoft seems less confident and has asked for anyone to provide information on the zero days.

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